You Don't Need the Tools to Run the Models

Imagine building a birdhouse with a saw and hammer, and then requiring any bird using it to buy their own saw and hammer. That is the current paradigm for spreadsheet simulation software. But the SIPmath Modeler Tools create models that use the native Excel Data Table function. The result is an XLSX file without macros or add-ins, which may be shared with 500 million of your closest friends.

Doug Hubbard, author of the How to Measure Anything Series and founder of Hubbard Decision Research, developed a seed-able pseudo-random number generator that could be implemented in a single cell of Excel. This opened the way to creating a tool for building fully functional Monte Carlo models in Excel. Other simulation tools are required to use the models that they have built. In contrast, the models built with the SIPmath Tools may be run by anyone with Excel. See Monte Carlo for the Masses in the September/October Analytics Magazine.